Close cooperation with the perfumery house LES CONTES

The agreement on LES CONTES close cooperation with the perfumery house is successfully signed by PAVO-POLONIA at the beginning of 2015.

The shops PAVO-POLONIA will represent exclusive innovations of aromas, and also the complete line of the fallen in love perfume LES CONTES long ago. Being charmed by the art of the fairy-tale fays the creators of the Les CONTES derived their inspiration from the myths and legends, dreams and fantasies of a childhood. The magic love elixirs for modern men and women are the LES CONTES perfumes, including pheromones and the sensuality inciters. The only drop of this perfume endows its owner with unique charm and self-confidence. For a long time the «Les Contes» Company has been manufacturing only the made-to-measure perfumes, moreover the astonishing perfumes packed into the delicate crystal phials were enormously extremely popular. Since the year 2011 the Company has successfully started the mass production of the perfume line.

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